Trying to improve key security

I’m an advanced biz user who has been in crypto for almost 10 years. But, I am new to the work that your team is doing, and found you after reaching out to the folks at Nitrokey, who told me about Safekey, which lead me to you.

Most recently, I’ve been researching cold storage (air gapped, stateless) options for signing ERC20 transactions. {Note: I really like the approach Seed Signer has taken for BTC users, building on top of a Rasberry Pi with all wired/wireless H/W connectivity physically disconnected.}

We currently sign transactions via Metamask using Gnosis Safe multisig. But I want to migrate away from our signing keys being hashed on a laptop hard drive, and relocate them to a stateless airgapped system - at least that’s the current goal.

I’m trying to understand how your work might be able to help me reach my this goal, or at least configure an approach across multiple signers where our signing keys are more secure.

I realize that this may be a question more approriate for SafeKey only, rather than Inheriti, but I wasn’t sure where to post the question

Would appreciate your input.



Sorry for the late reply, we are currently migrating everything to our new inheriti 2.0 platform.
If your request is still valid, I would be more than happy to have a chat about this.

please select a timeslot that suits you and/or send me an email with some more timeslots that would be better for you.