Adding Beneficiary

I wanted to add a beneficiary with name and email address but encountered below error.
“There was an error. Try again or contact support.”

can someone help me what that usually means?

are there maybe pre requisites before I can add a beneficiary?

not sure why but a couple of hours later it works I get now the below message and could add an benificiary.
“Successfully added new beneficiary. Add another if you’d like.”

Looks something about your session cookies. Happy that it works now.

I am having the same issue with beneficiaries - I have shut down and logged in again, but still no luck.
Also there doesn’t seem to be a save button, so I keep having to type my plan name and the message
Hope someone can help

The inheritable data you input will not be saved unless you pay for the plan via Comet browser-extension wallet and have the required amount of FIDO2+SSDP SafeKey devices to store fragmented plan shares; we do not monetize data - web3 platform.

As per the issue with adding a beneficiary, please clear your cookies within the browser and see if that fixes the issue. When utilizing web3 browsers, it is imperative that you clear cookies before accessing the platform.

I cannot see anywhere that it explains the payment procedure - I have enough SHA in place and it is showing top right once I log in - can you please point me in the right direction

i also have enough SHA linked in top right via the comet extension. after I could add the beneficiary, I didn’t proceed yet with setting up the plan because I don’t have the safe keys and I understood from Nebula that you need the key to complete setting up the plan.

it might be better to wait for the keys before attempting to complete the plan since you are not able to save the plan interim (I assume that is done for security and compliance reasons)

Thank you very much. That is most helpful

Except the SafeKeys are out of stock!

I heard from Nebula end of the month they are in stock again

This is correct, the shop will be reopened as soon as we can confirm the exact delivery date. Normally next week I hope. Sorry for the inconvenience.

no worries thank you for your reply, have them now