Non-technical people

How will non-technical people be able to navigate this? The people I have in mind don’t even know much about Crypto.


Inheriti in and of itself is pretty simple to use. The issue occurs when your benefactors who are unaware of crypto become involved with exchanges ,wallets , etc… It may be wise to teach those you choose to pass your assets onto the basics of how to use exchanges to divvy up your assets when you’re gone (knowledge is power right!). Otherwise you may choose to work with a legal entity using Trust alliance network, who may be able to make this process a little easier for your Benefactors once you’re gone.

  • From an Initiator/parent point of view : We are developing several add-ons (as we speak) to bring Inheriti to the masses, some examples are:
  1. Cloud based wallet support : so no chrome extension is required
  2. SHA credits, users will be able to buy SHA credits with VISA through our subscription platform, so we will handle all the blockchain related matters in the background
  3. SafeGuard will be a secure cloudbased alternative to our hardware key, that’ provides today the cold storage layer in our Community Edition
  4. and so much more
  • From a Stakeholder/Heir
  1. We will never become a custodian service, holding your keys, but are going to add customer based services in order to guide people actively in the merge process of a protection plan
  2. Our TAN ( will be soon integrated in Inheriti in order to pull legal entities that are going to be responsible for the initiation of a merge process, as an option to our current DMS model.