Editing and updating Inheritable data

Once we have created an Inheritance plan - are we able to edit/update/add data or information to what it is to be inherited? Or will we have to create a new plan to include this new information, and pay another fee.


Day 1 - created plan and included inheritable information, chose beneficiaries and deadman switch method

Day 3 - decide to include further information - can I add this, and if so, how?

the fact that the data is stored on the blockchain and on the coldstorage device (safekey) is by definition decentralised… a new plan need to be recreated. future Standard and Business editions will cover changes in a monthly subscription plan … for a fix amount. Nevertheless plans needs to be recreated or new plans has to be created when needed. Even when other features will be added over time to offer alternatives to safekey for instance … the DMS/validators shares, which are DLT (blockchain) based need to redeployed. blockchain data cannot be changed by definition … its immutable.


this saïd we are working on less “secure” features… meaning that instead of 3 layer asset distribution- so validator/MA release is done by blockchain/ipfs related mechanisms… we will offer 2 layer and even custom custodian related services over time to please the broadest userbase over time.


changing Merge Authorities DMS or TAN based data merge initialisation will become available over time, but don’t expect we can change date if neither of the involved parties/média has the authority to do so… we are an interface that connects all those different decentralised/client based entities.
This said our current CE edition supports multiple plan creation (and more options are coming) and these are unlimited in time…


Thank you Jurgen, as always. This all makes it clearer for me now.